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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Careful with that backstroke. The bobbing and bouncing are not in the textbook - but the fastest backstroker in my age group has the same bob and bounce, and one of my college classmates, a skinny and short kid, took the same kind of bob and bounce to the 100 back in the NCAAs, where he placed 3rd.

In other words, you might ask yourself a question that's normally applied only to the software engineering business: is it a bug or a feature?

The bob might be the result of your recovery - it might be the result of driving your arm into the water over your head. That has the effect of pushing your head up, but it also has the effect of driving your hand deeper into the water for the "catch," giving you a deeper pull on the upper half of your underwater stroke. And deeper is stronger in backstroke. In other words, the "bug" might be a "feature."

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