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Monday, July 27, 2009


Well done, Joel!!!

I actually went into kicking thinking I'd do a 1,000 yards and get out. But once I got kicking I was like I can keep going. Plus I made a game of it. I must apologize to the lap swimmers as I was kicking I made it a point to kick as fast as they were swimming. Then again some of the swimmers had no right being in the fast lane so they really got tired of me catching up to them and putting the kickboard right on top of them everytime I was about to lap them. So I kept going figuring I'd eventually push them down a lane. It's amazing what "fast" means in a lap swim. Tonight "fast" was used instead of "i can swim a 25 without stopping".

I'm impressed knowing how much you dislike kicking! I dread having a shoulder injury that ends with me kicking endlessly.

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