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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Thx!  BodyGlide, Socks, new shorts are just a few of the things on my shopping list.  Will go to the Expo on Friday and pick up a few things.  Then anything else hit up the running store.  Thx for the advice.  Cant wait to get this running thing out of the way.  Swimming is so much better then running!

You definitely didn't need to run longer, this close to the race!

Worth getting: Bodyglide, which you can put on blister spots preemptively to reduce chafing (also worth putting anywhere like around neckline of shirt where chafing is likely to happen).

Hope your race goes very well! I feel certain that if you set out at a steady not-too-hard pace (9:30 or 10?) you can finish in under 4:30 - you are a considerably faster runner than I am, and I have finished a couple marathons in the 4:15-4:30 range... just don't go too fast at the beginning!

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