Short Trading Day 11-26-21 Fitness Stocks Today $LTH, $XPOF, $FXLV, $BODY, $NLS, $PTON and $PLNT - chart via @YahooFinance

Short Trading Day 11-26-21 Fitness Stocks Today $LTH, $XPOF, $FXLV, $BODY, $NLS, $PTON and $PLNT - chart via

Leg Day!

Ugh.  I will be hurting tomorrow.  But wanted to do Leg today and Chest tomorrow so I may take a OTF Class on Sunday.  Needed to have a day in between Leg Day and Classes.

Warmed Up

10 Sets of Front Squats

10 Sets of Hex Deadlifts

5 Sets of Bulgarian Splits

3 Sets of Sumo Squats

and 30 minute Peloton HITT Run

Understanding Your Hydrow Indoor Rowing Machine: 5 Minute Workout Assessment Row

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