#iFIT iFIT 2021 Bank of America Chicago Marathon® Running Workout

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Quick 60-ISH Full Body DB Workout

Another long day at work 7am-10pm.  Even with that I wanted to hit the gym for a full body workout knowing I may not workout next to Saturday.  I'm shooting for Friday but I'm working 8am-10pm tomorrow so don't know if I can swing that.  I actually almost skipped today's workout.  When I woke up I felt groggy almost like I was hungover but I know I wasn't.  I probably was or is dehydrated.  Since it's cold I'm not drinking enough water.  I've had the same 1/2 gallon of water with me since Monday and I haven't filled it up yet.  I do drink my protein shakes but that isn't the same.

The Workout:

Warm Up - 10 minutes

5 Sets of DB Romanian DL
5 sets of Incline DB Bench Press


4 Sets of DB Skullcrushers

4 Sets of DB Hammercurl


4 Sets of DB Lat Raises

4 Sets of DB Front Raises

Finished with 3 sets of DB OH Press

My music tastes vary but are limited to current pop music mostly with a preference for female singers/rappers/groups.  So I like to use FitRadio and play their playlists.

I am going to try my best to at least do a Peloton class on my bike at home on Friday before work.  Tomorrow will be sort of a rest day with just my regular daily work duties but no gym time.

#iFIT iFIT Train Like a Pro: George Hincapie Hawaii Cycling Workout

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Suck It Up Buttercup Week - Chest and Tri Day Workout

Today was Chest and Triceps since I did Back and Biceps three times in the last week.  Opps!  No cardio today either besides 10 minute warmup.  This morning here in Florida it is/was 30F and the gym was an ice box this morning.  I should have done more cardio this morning but it is CHEST DAY!  

The Workout:

4 Set of Incline BB Chest Press

4 Sets of Flat DB Press

4 Sets of Machine Based Chest Press

5 Sets of Machine Based Chest Fly

5 Sets of Robe Cable Tricep Pushdowns

5 Sets of DB Skullcrushes

5 Sets of DB Overhead Press (snuck in shoulders)

This week workouts will be hit and miss but mostly miss.  At work we went from being short staffed to being very short staffed.  So when my center has no one to work the shift I gotta suck it up and work it.  I usually go to bed at 8pm but this week I'll be working past that on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  Therefore it will be hard to get up at 4am if I don't get home to after 10pm.  This is as of today and I gotta hope someone picks up a shift or two this week for me.  Otherwise my gym going will be today (Monday), Wednesday and possibly Sunday.  Saturday I'm working open to close so 6:45am to 10pm.  Ugh!  It'll all work out in the end.  Just gotta suck it up buttercup for this week.

Legs Legs Legs! Leg Day!

It was LEG DAY!  Mainly as I have the whole day to recover from it.  Did a long warmup power walking up rolling hills, a few PVC Bar Good Mornings and OH Squats.

The Workout:


5 Sets of BB Front Squats

5 Sets of DB Stiff Leg DL


5 Sets Bulgarian Split Squats

5 Sets DB Sumo Squats


5 Sets of Leg Extensions

5 Sets of Glute Machine

Then 30 minutes Hills and HITT on the tread.  I did wimp out and walk the hills.

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