Pushing Harder Then Last Time and Other Random Acts of Fitness




5 min Tread Wakking
Cyber Wide Grip Pull-ups at plate 9 x Reps 8 / 8 / 8 / 8 / 8
Seated Curlbar Preacher Curl at 52 lbs x Reps 8 at 57 lbs x Reps 5 / 5 / 5 / 4
Seated Cable Row at 170 lbs x Reps 8 / 8 / 8 / 6 / 7
Lat Pulldown at 155 lbs x Reps 6 / 7 / 5 / 6 / 5
Standing Curlbar Drag Curl at 37 lbs x Reps 8 / 8 / 8 / 8 / 8
Pull Ups - Time to go down another plate!  PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD.
Preacher Curl - Added 5 lbs!  HOLY CRAP BATMAN!  Previously I would be stuck on the same weight for months but it was time to add more weight!  Did the first set at 52 then added 5 lbs for the remaining four sets.  PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD
Cable Row - Added 5lbs!  I normally finish with this move but was working around other gym go'ers.  PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD
Lat Pulldown - Added 5lbs!  Today it's all about 5 lbs and adding it on!  PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD
Drag Curl - Did this instead of the Cable Hammer Curl as I was working around others.  
Overall - I just keep on killing it lately.  The last 5 months I've made some great steps forward on my strength.  Seeing it on paper or laptop as I type these posts really stick it in my mind.  Gotta Keep It Going!
Skipped yesterday due to thunderstorms.  AGAIN!   Ugh!  My swim gear stays in my car and I'll hopefully get in a swim before Sunday.  Already signed up for Sunday so at least I got that.  
Another fail.  I came home and what did I do? Doom scroll and make a Tik Tok.  I'm teaching again on Saturday and need to go over the choreography so I don't make too many mistakes.  Plus I gotta film for my assessment video by Oct 10th.  
Today my centers have three different Walk Away The Pounds Classes one of which was featured in today's paper.  That could really help lot's of people feel INSPIRED TO MOVE THROUGH LIFE AND SPORT or in work terms:
To create and implement excellent recreational opportunities that promote an active and healthy lifestyle.
When I was teaching or hanging out before and after the class I ran into a few people I haven't seen in years and the one thing they kept saying to me was that I had bulked up.  That really motivates me to push harder then last time.  


Step By Step Ohh Progressive Overload, Gonna Get To Those Random Acts Of Fitness

Yes, for some reason NKOTB came into my mind.  STEP BY STEP!   

What A Day, What A Day!  What A Workout! 



5 mins Tread Walking
Flat Bench BB Press
10 x EB
6 x 150 lbs at 93.75% of 1RM
6 x 150 lbs at 93.75% of 1RM
6 x 150 lbs at 93.75% of 1RM
6 x 150 lbs at 93.75% of 1RM
5 x 150 lbs at 93.75% of 1RM
Standing Cable Fly at 60 lbs x Reps 8 / 8 / 7 / 7 / 6
Seated DB OH Press at 40 lbs x Reps 8 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5
Tricep Rope Pulldown at 90 lbs x Reps 10 / 10 / 8 / 8 / 6
BB BENCH PRESS - Oh Boy!  A few more reps than last time.  I'm not saying it was easy but getting stronger bit by bit.  PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD!
CABLE FLY - A few more reps than last time.  Bit by Bit, Step by Step!  PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD
DB OH PRESS - Today's theme is a few more reps than last time!  
TRICEP ROPE PULLDOWN - Fatigue was setting in and time was running out.  Usually I superset this movement with FacePulls but the area around me was a bit busy so I just did the pulldowns.
I felt great.  I wish I had more time.  I'm beginning to notice that on Tuesday's of all days after 4:30am the gym starts to get busy.  I'm glad for this locally owned gym but I like my space.  Having space is why I get up at 3:30am and I can't get up any earlier.  Hopefully the other day's dont get as busy.  Overall it was a GREAT WORKOUT!
Nothing today as I scheduled an event at 8am and I need to stop to get some snacks and need to set up.  NOTE TO SELF: Don't schedule events at 8am!
We had thunderstorms yesterday after work.   Ugh.  No swimming!  I think the next two days we are forecast for thunderstorms in the afternoon/evening.  Plus I was beat as yesterday was non-stop all day at work.
Umm...we got the cycling club and pickleball.  I am hosting a fun hour of corn toss so I'm helping people MOVE THROUGH LIFE AND SPORT.

Monday Morning Gym Leg Strut and Other Random Acts of Fitness

TGI MONDAY!  Wait what?  Monday's get a bad rap.  It's a new week, new beginnings and well yeah more new work.  Plus a Monday if I do hit the gym it's Leg Day and everyone loves LEG DAY!


5 mins Tread Walking
10 x EB
6 x 125 lbs
6 x 125 lbs
6 x 125 lbs
5 x 125 lbs
6 x 125 lbs
6 PVC Pipe Good Mornings
Reverse Hack Squat
8 x 180 lbs
8 x 180 lbs
8 x 200 lbs
8 x 200 lbs
7 x 200 lbs
Straight Leg Deadlift - PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD!  Last week I only did the last few sets at 125 lbs and today I did all five sets.  
Reverse Hack Squats - Built up to 200.  I haven't yet mastered figuring out how to set the machine down when done with reverse hack squats.  if the weight is higher I can lift it up so I gotta squeeze into the center and hit the kick stand.  But it was PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD!
A nice flush out of the legs with a 10 minute Low Impact Peloton Ride.  I need to practice the choreography for the Ride class this week so I'll be on the bike pretty much two to three more times.   I'll be teaching again this Saturday and I need to be filmed for my assessment by the 10th of October so I gotta nail it.  Also I offered to take the 9:30am class permanently.  Oy!  
MON - Leg Day / Maybe a swim after work
TUES - Chest, Shoulders and Triceps / Thunderstorms predicted after work so trying to swim on Monday
WED - Back and Biceps
THU - Leg Day 2 / Try to swim after work
SAT - Chest Day / Teach Ride Class / maybe Disney?
SUN - Back and Biceps and swim at 10am at NTC
In the 10 minute Peloton class I gave out 5 High-5's.  At my centers we have three Walk Away The Pounds classes, a Yoga class, some line dancing and of course pickleball.

Will Back Day Drown The Swimmer and Very Little Random Acts of Fitness On A Sunday.

After swimming last Sunday at NTC I wrote that I'll probably never get in enough shape to swim and do weights on the same day again.  Well I guess I'm putting that to the test as I got up and did a Back and Bicep Workout this morning and got swimming at 10am.  Hoping that today's swim is all short distance.  



5 min Tread Walk
Cybex Asst Widegrip Pull-ups (Plate 9) X Reps 8 / 8 / 8 /8 / 8
Seated Curlbar Preacher Curl at 52 lbs x Reps 8 / 8 / 8 / 7 / 7
Seated Lat Pulldown at 150 lbs x Reps 8 / 8 / 8 / 8 / 8
Standing Cable Hammer Culr at 100 lbs x Reps 8 / 8 / 8 / 8 / 7
Seated Cable Row at 165 lbs x Reps 8 / 8 / 8 / 8 / 8
Pull Ups - Dropped another plate down to 9 from 10!  FELT GOOD!  PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD!
Preacher Curl - More Reps than last time!  Wahoo!   PROGRESS!
Lat Pulldown - More Reps than last time!  I may have let some momentum into the movement but felt great.  PROGRESS!
Hammer Curl - More Reps than last time!  The first one on each set is so hard.  Tried not to swing as much.  Adjusted the placement and that seemed to work a bit.
Cable Row - 8 is the magic number!
Overall I was on fire!  Don't know why but felt strong this morning.  
On deck at 10am!  
Day off.  Let the body recover from teaching.  Need to practice this week to get over a few mistakes in the cheorgraphy/timing.
One of my centers have yoga and of course pickleball.  I do have to stop at one of the centers today to set up someone in the new payroll system.  Ugh.

New Phone Who 'Dis And Some Tales of Random Acts of Fitness

New Phone Who Dis?  Basically that was what my phone said to the gym this morning.  Yesterday I upgraded to the iPhone 15 Pro Max.  Ya, Me!  Did my best last night to get it all set up and everything plus or minus a few apps.  This morning once I got up I got my act together a bit slower.  I had the time so I checked the phone to see which apps downloaded.  Checked the app that opens the door at the gym and it seemed sort of fine.   As I drove to the gate of my street I turned back to get my old phone but then turned around thinking I don't need that.  After the 10 minute drive to the gym I tried using the app but it just wasn't connecting to the door.  Ugh.  After a few tries I drove home to get my old phone then back to the gym.  The old phone didn't work since I authorized the new phone to access the gym.  Tried the new phone and nothing.  Luckily I had the hard pass for Anytime Fitness so drove there.  I wasted about 45 minutes

Once at anytime I did a 5 minute warm up and started my Chest Day


5 min walking on tread
Flat Bench BB Press
10 x EB
6 x 150 lbs at 93.75% of 1RM
5 x 150 lbs at 93.75% of 1RM
5 x 150 lbs at 93.75% of 1RM
5 x 150 lbs at 93.75% of 1RM
5 x 150 lbs at 93.75% of 1RM
Standing Cable Fly at 35 lbs x Reps 6 / 6 / 5 / 5
Seated OH DB Press at 40 lbs x Reps 8 / 8 / 8 / 7
Flat Bench DB Skullcrusher at 35 lbs x Reps 7 / 8 / 8
Standing DB Lateral Raise at 25 lbs x Reps 10 / 10 / 10
BENCH PRESS - Grr...I forgot how much I dislike the set up of this location.  No chest press bench setup so you use the Squat Rack area which is off centered so it's odd.  You need to line the moving bench to the rack.  It's just a pain.
CABLE FLY - Funny how each cable setup at every gym is a bit different.  
The Rest was just Meh!  I didn't want to kill myself as I'm teaching a Cycle class later
First time teaching in a very long time.  I got to the gym an hour early to check out the room but didn't realize they had a class before me.  I had time to learn the lights and all that.  I set up my bike but after warm up had to reset the seat height.  After that it was okay.  I made a few goofs but all in all it was fun.  I had a blast  I really enjoyed teaching again.  Before the class started I walked around the room chatting it up and it was just like I never left the room.  I haven't taught this particular format in over 6 years.  I will admit several times I was so out of breath.  I got off the bike and boy boy did I almost kill myself.  But once again it felt great being back on the bike.  I had 31 people in the class so that is DIRECT ACTS OF FITNESS.  I INSPIRED PEOPLE TO MOVE THROUGH LIFE AND SPORT.  After the class I had to hit one of my centers to get someone on the new payroll program and then a few hours later had to go back to one of my centers and another center do it again.  Ugh!  Some day off!

My centers hosted Walk Away and of course Pickleball.  
I got SWIMMING at 10am.  Now I may I say may go to the gym if I wake up at 3:30am.  Back and Bicep Day!  
Trying not to rant and trying to be positive.  I'm teaching again next Saturday as I am subbing for someone.  To me that is DIRECT ACTS OF FITNESS as I'm in the room teaching/coaching.  I love my job and that is why I started to keep track of the RANDOM ACTS OF FITNESS my centers do.  With the volunteer group leaders organizing the activities and sports I have a indirect way of INSPIRING OTHERS TO MOVE THROUGH LIFE AND SPORT.  I'm also proud of everything our department does that I'm not involved with.  We have 7 Fit Clubs, 12 Outdoor Fitness Equipment Sites, Over 12 Sport Pools and 100's of Pickleball Courts.  More RANDOM ACTS OF FITNESS.  I keep try to remind myself that it may not be a direct act but the organization I work for INSPIRES thousands of people every day to MOVE THROUGH LIFE AND SPORT or as they say:
To create and implement
excellent recreational opportunities
that promote an active
and healthy lifestyle.
I should be happy to be part of an organization like that.  I know I can't do everything but recently they assigned some folks some tasks for example "showing people how to use the outdoor exercise equipment" to someone else.  I want to bey "Hey, over here you got a NASM Certified Trainer!"  But I should be happy we have a time where someone in our organization is INSPIRING OTHERS TO MOVE THROUGH LIFE AND SPORT and creating more RANDOM ACTS OF FITNESS.  It's not DIRECT for I'm 6 Degrees of Separation or something like that.  RANT OVER.  
Plus I get to teach again next weekend!  Maybe even more down the line...

Two Day's Of Inspiring People To Move Through Life and Sport And Other Random Acts of Fitness

Rain, Thunderstorms and just not getting in the swimming.  Ugh!  When will afternoon thunderstorms end?  I was all set to leave work yesterday when the thunderstorms hit so no swimming.  At least I did sign up to swim on Sunday at the National Training Center.  I got 3 weeks to the Rowdy Gaines Masters Meet.  Can I get the stamina to do the 200 Butterfly in three weeks?  Ugh!  My swim stuff is in my car so hopefully I can get something in today.

The Daily Stoic is one of two daily readers I do my best to read.  Yesterday's (posted above) "MAINTAIN COMPOSURE, MAINTAIN CONTROL" really hit me.  This week at work has been a bit chaotic and I'm doing my best not to show it.  On Monday I had Air Gun Lessons, on Wednesday we had a two hour staff meeting and today I have Sport Lessons which at the end takes 3 hours of my day.  On top of that we have a few deadlines which I'm going to meet but may have to come in on the weekend and do some work.  

Today's Daily Stoic (posted above) goes hand in hand with yesterdays!  This week is crazy busy and will test me.  I'll get through it but I will admit I've thought of my teaching classes as a back door into the fitness field again.  


It's time!  It's been five or six years since I last taught a spin class.  Until tomorrow.  Tomorrow I'm teaching a one hour class for the first time in so many years.  I'm not quite there for an assessment video but I Can Fake It To I Own It!  This evening after work I'll be doing some last minute cramming.  


Signed up for Sunday swim at 10am!  Paid the fee so I'm good to go.  NO EXCUSES!


Today I take part of Sport Lessons (Bocce, Shuffleboard, Corn Toss and Masters Tennis) so I get 64 folks to INSPIRE TO MOVE THROUGH LIFE AND SPORT.  My centers have Walk Away The Pounds, Tai Chi, Yoga and of course PICKLEBALL.