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Thursday Morning

Jockstrap_4Crazy morning so I’m a bit late to the posting.  Ran last night 10 laps around the park so with the math being 3.2 laps to a mile I ran a bit over 3 miles.  Really nothing much else to post about.  Woke up this am and went to the gym but nothing interesting happened excpet that I realized my iPod has way too much gay music.  From ABBA to Dangerous Muse to Sister Scissor I really am so gay!

Here is the workout:

warmed up 10 minutes on the bike

3x12 35lbs incline bench dumbbell press (increased 5 lbs today)
1x10, 1x9, 1x8 35lbs incline bench dumbbell flies (increased 5 lbs today)

1x12, 2x10 35lbs flat bench dumbbell press (increased 5 lbs today)

3x12  45lbs. hammer decline press

3x12 45 lbs hammer incline press

3x12 165lbs lower back extensions

3x12 45lbs hammer leg extensions

3x12 45lbs hammer seated leg curl

3x12 50 lbs each side Hammer Front Pull downs

3x12 45 lbs each side MTS Row

3x12 90lbs rowing

3x15 hanging leg raises (ab work)

3X15 hanging knee tucks (ab work)

8x25 crunches on ball

3x25 crunches knees dropped to sides (each side)

3x21’s 50lbs overhand grip/palm down

3x21’s 40lbs underhand grip/palm up


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