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Back 2 Back Pool Time

Since I’ll be out of the pool Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week I need to make the most of the workouts from now till then.  Well the one that is left.  I swam at the afternoon practice yesterday and then woke up and hit the 6am.  I try to do these two workouts as often as possible even if the body doesn’t have time to recover in between them. Tomorrow morning I’ll be hitting the gym for the last time to December 5th as the regionals being the Dec 1-3 I need to taper off with the gym.  This Wednesday the workout is going to be geared to those going to regionals.  Which means a workout of sprints, working on turns and starts.  Since workouts have seemed to me been geared towards sprints the last few weeks I wish I was doing more sprints at regionals.  Oh well.

Here was Sunday’s workout (from what I remember)

400 Free Warmup /  300 IM Warmup (kick/drill/swim)

6x75’s.  Two of them kick.  Two of them drill.  Two of them swim.  Freestyle to the deep end and stroke to the shallow.  I mixed the strokes butterfly and backstroke.

2x25’s Freestyle.  Drill one arm. 

400 Freestyle.  50 Drill / 50 Swim.  Drills:  one arm, fingertip, catch up and fist.

4x 3x100’s Freestyle on 1:20

first set of three the 1st 50 was sprint

second set of three the middle 50 was sprint

third set of three the last 50 was sprint

fourth set all sprint

50 easy

2x4x100’s Stroke.  Same as the 100’s Free in sprint fashion.  I did them mixed butterfly and backstroke.  I don't’ remember exactly how I mixed them up. 

Then Today:

400 Free Warmup / 100 Mixed

2x25’s Freestyle.  Drill one arm. 

400 Freestyle.  50 Drill /  50 Swim.  Drills:  something, one arm, fingertip drag and catchup.

3x200’s Freestyle on 2:45.  First one long axis, second one build and then up to 80% of what you got.

200 Freestyle for time.  Okay so I sorta took this one easy.  After yesterday’s workout I was beat.  Also we had two fast lanes today and I went into the slower of the two.  The fast lane had the uber fast ones and I lead the other fast lane.  So I had no one really to go up against so pacing and pushing myself just wasn’t there.  Plus I died by the 150.

100 easy

3x100’s on 1:40 Butterfly.  Well choice but I did them Butterfly

rest 1 minute

8x50’s on 50.  I did these backstroke.

rest 1 minute

6x25’s on 35.  I did these butterfly.  Dying but done.

2x25’s off the blocks.  Once again I did these butterfly.

I’ve complained before about swimming in the other fast lane so I won’t ramble on forever.  But seriously some people need to go back to the medium lanes.  2:45 is a pretty slow time for a 200 Free so if you are not making that you might consider moving down.  Same goes with 50’s on 50. 


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