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Butterfly vs Backstroke

This morning swim practice was a bit of a rough one.  The workout itself wasn’t so bad as it was sort of a taper workout.  For me it was tough though since I was tired and a bit stiff.  Last night I went out for dinner at West at Hotel Angeleno in Brentwood and didnt’ get to bed to 1am.  Then this morning I woke up at 5:10.  So with four hours sleep I didn’t have much energy in workout.  Also after swimming Sunday and Monday then doing weights yesterday my body was calling out for rest.  I kept reminding myself this is the last workout till Sunday afternoon so keep on going.  Tonight at 10:30pm my redeye takes me to the Sunshine State.

Here was this mornings workout:

400 free warmup / 100 mixed

400 Free.  25 drill and 75 swim.

4x200’s on 3:30.  Rotating a 50 stroke sprint from beginning to end.  Butterfly was the stroke.

50 easy

200 Butterfly fast.  I did this in about 2:35.  Not bad I was doing these 200 butterflies around 2:30 before games.  So I’m on track to do about the same time.

50 easy

4x200’s on 3:15.  Rotating a 50 stroke sprint from beginning to end.  Backstroke was the stroke.

50 easy

200 Backstroke fast.  I did this in about 2:31.  WHAT?  How can this be?  My backstroke isn’t supose to be faster than my butterfly.  When did this happen?  Hmmm...maybe a 200 backstroke swim at a meet is in order sometime down the line.

75 easy

4x25’s sprint starting off the blocks.

Well that is it.  Have A Great Holiday!


Nice looking restaurant. How's the food?

Geez, you did 200 fly on 4 hours sleep? You're sick, man!

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