A Legend Retires
Way 2 Go Joe!

Learn From Watching

This morning made it to the gym to hit the weights.  This will be the last time I’ll be doing this to December 5th.  Thursday would be my next day but I’ll be in Florida eating turkey.  Hopefully I’ll get to run from time to time while I'm in Florida but will be skipping the run tonight.  Have dinner plans tonight.  After this weekend it’s all about swimming.  Regionals will be in Long Beach on Dec 1, 2 and 3rd so no weights between now and then.  Weights are boring any ways so I so won’t be missing going to the gym. 

After the gym while at home eating my Egg beaters and cheese scramble I was looking at various swim videos on YouTube.  I typed in Ian Thorpe since he announced his retirement and was able to watch a few videos of him swimming freestyle in slow motion.  Which was perfect as I was able to see his starts and turns.  Something I need to work on.  Just watching his stroke I realize that my stroke is shit.  Maybe if I keep on watching I’ll eventually learn something and put it to use.

Here is one of many:


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Notice the two different styles on the turn? Thorpe pushed off on his side and did several dolphin kicks before starting his pull. The other guy in the foreground used both arms to initiate the flip, pushed off almost on his back and didn't do any (or perhaps just one) dolphin kick.

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