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November's 12 of 12

I woke up really this morning after sleeping on and off for 12 hours last night so I grabbed my gym equipment and decided to workout. Since I have some sort of ear infection I can’t swim to at least Wednesday. So instead of swimming I figured I’d do weights today, run tomorrow morning and weights Tuesday morning and then run that night.

Nov2_1 Nov4_1

But before I go I would put in my ear drops and wait till after for the pills. So I put in the drops laying down on my side for five minutes so the drops would do whatever it is they do. The drops are a combination antibiotic and cortisone-like medicine. The five minutes are up I read the paper to kill some more time. The gym doesn’t open to 8am and I don’t want to be one of those people waiting outside the gym waiting for it to open. Before I leave I take GNC’s Thermo Burst pills as I normally do. Thermo burst is just an overpriced caffeine pill. So I get to the gym and try to warm up on a bike. Hmm…I feel all out of synch so after 5 minutes I move on. I start off with some pull down thingy to work on my back muscles. At this point I should of realized going to the gym wasn’t a good thing. I felt a bit woozy. I moved on to do a few more machines/free weights only to realize that yeah I’m not feeling to good. I feel dizzy and sort of stoned at this point but continue on. After being a the gym for about 30 minutes I realized I had to go or something was going to happen like passing out on the gym floor.  Funny before I started these meds I was just having a hard time hearing now I’m all fucked up.



I realize now that the Pseudovent I’m on can react with caffeine and that the pills may cause dizziness or fainting spells. Anyone who saw me at the gym today almost got to see that. I think if anyone did even look at me today they would have thought I was doped up. I was just legally doped up. I’m also on Avelox which also has the side effects of Nausea, diarrhea, dizziness.

Oh well maybe I’ll be okay to run tomorrow. I’ll just run in the park nearby so if I feel woozy I can just stop and walk home. I am disappointed at my aborted gym workout today as I really do prefer working out on weekends over weekdays. I don’t feel rushed to hurry up and get to work. I can take my time. Also I like the never ending hot showers! At home I stay in the shower to the hot water fades away. I use to shower and change at the gym on weekdays then head straight to the office but over time I’d forget one thing or another and would have to come home anyway so I started showering at home. But on weekends I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything for work so I can take 5 minutes in the sauna and a nice long shower afterwards. That was my plan today until the woozies started. Good thing anyways cuz’ when I got home I realized I left my shampoo, conditioner and shave kit at home. Nov8_1

Damn Costco is too big! The bf and I went to Costco to stock up on a few things. Four hundred plus dollars later we leave Costco with a trunk load of food, cleaning stuff and a new gym bag for the boyfriend. In his attempt to get read for our Holiday vacation he is hitting the gym twice a day so he needed a jumbo bag to carry all of his gear. He also bought the cd of some group called the Beatles. I don’t know much about music but I did recognize a few songs from television and commercials. We also got a lot of sponges. A lifetime supply.


So I’m sitting on the couch watching some Sex & The City when I decide to leaf through a few magazines laying around.  When I get to the fashion mag “The Daily” from this past fashion week I notice an ad for sneakers with a GPS antenna. Why oh why would you need these? And at $350 a pop that is one expensive shoe. These expensive sneakers even keep track of your body temperature. Check them out at Isaac Daniel.  Back to Sex & The City it was the one when in which Stanford says “My God, She’s Fashion Roadkill” one of my favorite lines ever.   Time for more ear drops.  Notice the cotton in my ear.

Nov6_1 Nov9

So when that was done it was time to head to the Grove to see “Running With Scissors” which I liked but noticed a few people left during the movie and never came back. Including the lady next to me who had me and the bf move from our original seats down a few so her and her friends could sit together. Her friends came about 10 minutes into the movie and she left about 30 minutes into the movie never to return.  Also I’m sick of advertising everywhere including my parking stub.



I am so over due for a haircut. My last haircut was over a month ago when I had my hair all shaved off. Ugh! I looked like a freak but now my hairline on my neck is out of control. Next weekend is hair cut time.


Outside the bedroom window use to be a tree now it’s just a stump with this mushroom fungus growing all over.

The bathroom tub becomes a graveyard for old LA Times. House Rule: any magazine or newspaper that goes into the bathroom stays in the bathroom or until it is sent to the trash.  That makes 12 of 12!

The bonus picture this month is thankful.  Hmmmm...I'm thankfull for the bf.

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You hadn't heard of the Beatles? In shock here... I'm not much of a fan, but in the UK, it's impossible not to know them, so I'm always suprised when someone from another country doesn't know them!

Helen, Devon

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