The Holiday Weekend Wrap Up

Swimming In The Rain

After too much food and wine last night I woke up at 5:10 and started to get my stuff ready for swim.  As I went outside to get the morning newspaper I noticed the ground was wet but it wasn’t raining.  Once on the way the rain started to come down.  More and more as I got closer to our outdoor pool. 

Not only is the West Hollywood pool an outdoor pool the genius who designed the locker room decided that it didn’t need a roof.  The locker room is shielded by a chain link fence like roof.  So when it rains the locker room is all wet.  This past summer they decided to come up with a remedy to this.  The city installed two awnings in the locker room.  Of course since no one expected rain no one opened the awnings yesterday so the locker room floor was soaked.  The rain continued all the way through swim practice but we continued to swim as the rain wasn’t that hard just steady.

With regionals this weekend the coach is letting us taper.  Not everyone wanted to taper.  The uber fast 20somethings don’t want to taper so the two of them had a lane and I had my own taper fast lane. 

500 warmup mixed

3x200’s 100 drill / 100 swim, 25 swim / 100 drill / 25 swim, 100 swim / 100 drill.  I did one butterfly, one back and one free.

9x100’s 3 on 1:25 freestyle descend, 3 on 1:35 backstroke and then  3 on 1:45.  I did the first one 75 butterfly / 25 free and the next two 50 butterfly / 50 backstroke. 

50 easy

12x50’s 4 on a minute butterfly.  4 on on a minute backstroke and 4 freestyle on 50 seconds.

Then we practiced doing starts off the blocks.

Well that is it.  One more practice on Wednesday then swimming the 1500 at Regionals on Friday.  Wahoo! 


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