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First Day In Mexico

Apoye En El Agua

After a week out of the water well except a few dips in the ocean and hotel pool in Mexico it was time again to actually swim. After a very long day of traveling due to delays and long lines at costumes I got to bed around 1am last night and woke up at 5:10 to get swimming. After swimming I think I may need to take more time off as I felt refreshed and was able to put in a really good workout. 

After a very stretched out warm-up due to a bit of sunburn on my left side my body felt great and I just plowed through the workout. In our main set we did a 400 freestyle in which I was able to sprint and lap my lane mates. Of course to be fair swimming in today’s fast lane were a few people who should be in the medium lane but insist of swimming in the fast lane. So I felt it was my duty to lap them. Lapping them almost twice in a 400. That wasn’t my goal I was trying to keep pace with the faster swimmer in the next lane, which for me is an impressive thing to do so I was happy with that. 

Before I post the actual workout mind you that in masters swimming we are all at very different levels of ability and speed and therefore from time to time have to endure workouts with others one may find annoying. Now these annoyances should be kept to the minimum if others have proper lane etiquette. Meaning if you missed your interval and sit out part of the workout when at the wall please move the fuck out of the way of other swimmers. I’ve ranted about all this before so I won’t continue. Here is some of what I remember from the workout, which isn’t much. I just sort of cobbled together what I remember:


400 swim free

300 IM kick/drill/swim

50 swim

Warm-up set:

6x50’s kick on 1:10 butter on back for odds choice on even

6x25’s stroke on 30

Main Set

400 free on 5:40

150’s 50 free / 50 stroke / 50 free

2x200’s stroke on 3:15

4x100’s free on 1:20

6x50’s stroke on 50

200 warm down.

Well not to bad for my first workout in a week. I won’t be swimming to next Wednesday due to the New Year and pool closures but I’ll be posting pictures and comments about my trip to Mexico in place of swim workouts. Till then…


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