December's 12 of 12
Speedo Run

Hump Day Swim Workout

After lifting yesterday I woke up a bit sore. Sore is good as it means I’m pushing myself at the gym.  Of course after next week I’ll be on vacation in Mexico for a week so any gains now will be lost and I’ll be starting over again in Jan but at least I’m not sleeping in and just skipping workouts.  The other downside of yesterdays workout was attempting to swim in today's workout. 

My arms grew heavier and heavier and by the end of the workout my stroke had fallen apart as I was just struggling to finish it.  That was even with me taking in easy.  I went in the slower fast lane today with an interval of 2:50 in a 200 Freestyle, I had 30 - 40 seconds rest.  Too much for a normal workout but I enjoyed it. 

The water was pretty warm today as the city has the problem of the daily lap swimmers who some of which just walk up and down the lanes complain the water is too cold and us complaining it is too hot.  It’s a constant battle for moral supremacy.  As one of the super fast swimmers said this morning “Tell them to just go faster”.  Which is so true.  It’s these swim walkers who ruin most gym pools by requesting the pool to be warm.  Which is not good for us swimmers. 

Warmup was a 400 swim, 200 IM drill and then I did a 100 kick butterfly and back.

Warm Up Set (repeat 3 times):

4x50’s Kick
3x75’s IM no Free
100 Free on 1:20

Next Set (repeat 3 times):

200 Free on 2:50
4x50’s on 60.  I did the first two rounds backstroke and the last round 25 butterfly and 25 backstroke.

Next Set:

4x150’s alternating free / IM.  the freestyle breathing every 3/5/7.

warmed down a 100. 

Like I said I took it easy.  I don’t plan on pushing myself to after my vacation.  The rest of this week and next is just burning off all those cookie and muffin baskets that we keep getting at work.

My crankiness over swimming this morning disappeared once I got home and read the Amazon was shipping my Wii today.  I should get it next week.  Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!


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