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I'm Getting Fatter By The Hour

No dieting for me during the holidays.  As food keeps rolling in.  Cupcakes from Sprinkles, ate two of them today, fruit, fruit covered in chocolate, Tommy Burgers, Chili Fries, See’s Candies, Snookies and every other form of baked good has arrived in these offices.  I think I gained 10 pounds this week.  Next week will be more of the same.  I LOVE IT!  Speaking of next week 2 Big Events will happen.  Gizmodo reports that on Monday Apple will have news on the iPhone, I so can’t wait and then on Tuesday UPS reports my Wii will arrive!  BEST WEEK EVER!

This morning I went to the gym to burn off all the goodies I’ve been eating.  Just did some weights and stuff.  When I got back I left my little Fiat convertible with the top down parked on the street right accross from my place.  Now my car was parked right to the end of the curb behind another car next to the driveway to where a condo complex is being built.  When I got back to my car after getting ready for work my car had been pushed forward.  So some fucking construction worker got in my car and pushed it forward.  I was going to say something to the workers sitting there but was afraid that would only lead to a long drawn out pattern of nails in my tires so I just got in my car and drove off.  I’m still pissed off six hours later.  When I get home tonight I”m going to call the construction company and complain. 



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