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POP QUIZ: What is the hardest item to find this holiday season? If you guessed PS3 you are wrong. If you guessed Wii you are wrong. The hardest thing to find this year is the Cuisinart Private Reserve Wine Chiller. When I was deciding on what to buy the bf for the Holidays I B0009xh6kk01pt01_ss400_sclzzzzzzz_v11267 decided to buy him a wine chiller as he likes wine. Besides being a Foodie he is becoming a wine connaisseur. He subscribes to Food & Wine and Wine Spectator magazine so subscriptions were a no go. I could have gone out and buy a whole bunch of various wines but what do I know about wine as I just buy the 7 dollar supermarket sale wine. So I decided to buy him a wine chiller. But what kind? Are the all the same? So I went online to figure it all out. I started looking at Target and then Amazon. Amazon was the best site as people can write reviews about the product. Eventually I decided to get the Cuisinart model as they make good shit so I figured they’d make a good chiller. Houston we have a problem. After driving around LA, calling every Macys and Bloomingdales and trying every online retailer I couldn’t find the damn thing. It’s sold out everywhere. Even at the Cuisinart shop. But then inspiration hit me why not try that BevMo place? So I went online and called customer service to see if any stores had it but they didn’t but they did have TWO left in the warehouse. I think these are the last TWO left in the United States. Well make that the LAST ONE! As I have one being shipped two days to my office. Operation Holiday 2006 over! 


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