The Pool, From Outside

Recovery Workout

Well before I go all Monday Morning Quarterbacking (i'll do that all week in numerous posts)  I’m going to post this mornings swim practice. 

Warmup was a 400 freestyle.  Then after we did some kicking warmup. 

400 freestyle.  50 drill / 50 swim. 

800 freestyle.  200 long axis.  400 breathe control 3/5/any/7. 200 build.

4x100 Free on 1:25 descend

100 long axis

100 sprint.  I died after the 75.  Three days of competition came back to haunt me.  I did this in 1:03.

Then we went to the stroke part of the workout.  Now yesterday I swam the 50 short course meters backstroke to see how I’d do.  Well I did pretty well and was told by a few people that I should swim backstroke more often.  Especially the 200 Backstroke since I have the endurance.  So today I swam backstroke.

200 Backstroke

then some more backstroke things.  one being a fast 100.

3x25’s kicking going underwater as far as you can working streamlines.

So overall I was feeling good today after swimming all weekend.  I had a world record holder work on my stroke in the warmup pool yesterday so I was working on my NEW freestyle.  Between that and my streamlines I hope to break the dreaded 1:00 in the 100 Free SCM soon!   


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