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I don’t know if we are doing more kicking in workout or the fact that I’m not running but either way my legs have been sore the last two days.  Then my gym trip yesterday leaving my arms a bit sore today workout was an exercise is perseverance.  Which I did.  I made it all the way and made the intervals.  Considering how suckie I’ve been lately in workout it was a big accomplishment for me.  Only one more week to my Mexican Holiday vacation so working out now is just a way to fit into my Prada swim suit! 

Warmup was a struggle as I just swam a 200.  Then the warmup set was some drilling and kicking.  I struggled to make the intervals on the kicking part.  After the warmup my swimming improved or at least I felt stronger and worked through the aches and pains.  I do feel like a wimp as my lane mate swam yesterday morning and night and came to workout today. But then again he is 10 years younger so I don’t feel that much of a wimp. 

1st Main Set:

200 Free on 2:40

6x150’s Free on 2:00/1:55/2:05 repeat.

4x50’s Choice of Stroke on 50.  2 and 4 were fast and I did them backstroke.

after the set we had a 50 easy

4x75’s kick. 

2nd Main Set:

200 on 2:40

6x100’s Freestyle on 1:10/1:15/1:20.  The 1:10’s were pretty much touch and go with about 1 second rest on the 2nd round.  The very last 100 I was struggling to keep my stroke together. 

4x50’s Stroke on 50, same as earlier.

after the set we had a 50 easy

sprint 25’s!  six of them.  we did 3 butterfly and 3 backstroke.

then I warmed down a 100.  Even though I’m sore I’m glad I stuck with the workout and made the intervals.  The water once again was really warm making it even more difficult.  But I finished.  Since it is going to rain this weekend I think I’ll be skipping swimming.  As for the 4th Annual Speedo Run I think the rain will be my excuse not to do it. 


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