Three Workouts, One Post
December's 12 of 12

The Art of the Grunt

It’s so cold in the morning that getting to the gym gets tougher and tougher.  This morning I got out of bed but just couldn’t get myself to get out the door.  After about a half hour of reading news online I hit the gym.  Since we’ve been doing what seems like non stop kicking at swim practice I only warmed up 10 minutes on the bike.  Hey, gotta save the legs for tomorrow. 

After that I hit the usual weight machines and weights.  I’m getting back to my pre-Thanksgiving/Regionals routine and weights.  Come January I need to decide if I want to step up to the next level with weights or just find a trainer to come up with a routine for me.  I still have no idea what I’m doing. 

At the gym with my iPod on I could hear myself breathe hard and grunt from time to time which reminded me of two things.  One being yesterday’s LA Times ran an article explaining why people grunt and if it serves any purpose (read it online).  Then I started to remember Jason’s post over at Jason’s Room (read it online).  That is when I started to hold back my grunts.  It wasn’t like I was lifting anything that heavy anyways, I’m a wimp.  But still I didn’t want to grunt after reading Jason’s theory on grunting.


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