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Three Workouts, One Post

Call it winter blahs, fatigue or whatever but I got behind posting and been feeling shitty in workouts.  Friday wasn’t so bad but Sundays workout I struggled and then gave up.  Today workout was cut short just in time due to high chlorine level.  I’m blaming it all on the winter.  It’s hard to swim in an outdoor pool when it is 40 degree’s outside and the water is too warm.  Never mind the chlorine levels today.  My throat was scratchy and my nose burned.  Actually hours later I’m itchy, and my nose burns still, oh and I got a tickle in my throat.

Friday we swam and the chlorine was okay but it was warm.  Warmed up a 300.  Then our warm up set was 200 Drill, 3x100’s Kick and 4x50’s Swim.  Then we did 8 x 150’s.  Then we did 6x100’s on 1:20/1:15 and 1:10.  Since we’ve been doing lots of kicking of late it was time for our kicking set of 8x50’s.  Finally we did a set of 8x75’s.  I didn’t take good notes about the workout so I don’t know what parts were free or stroke.  I do remember struggling and not really caring about the workout.  I had a negative attitude from the get go so it wasn’t that great of a workout.  This is the beginning of my swim funk.

Saturday woke up and hit the gym.  Going to the gym is boring. 

Sunday I went to the 3pm workout.  Chlorine seemed high and the water warm a bit warm but not all that bad.  Later at dinner I knew the chlorine was high when I couldn’t taste the wine.  This was also the workout that I just gave up.  The warmup was 10 minutes in which I did a stretched out 400.  We then did a 300 broken by 100, then 4x100’s kick and 6x50’s.  The first set was 4x200’s on 2:40/2:30.  I died.  I gave up and sat one of the 200’s out. 

This morning the chlorine was so high.  Ugh!  But we swam for 45 minutes before the lifeguards ask us to get out.  Warmed up a 300.  Then a warmup set of 6x150’s (50 swim / 100 drill and 50 swim / 100 kick) on 2:30. 

Main set:  100 on 1:20 Freestyle, 300 on 4:10 100 free/100stroke/100free, 4x200’s Freestyle on 2:40/2:40/2:35/2:40, 300 same as above and then a 100 freestyle.  The extra 5 seconds was enough for me not to give up.  Yes it is all mental.  I could of made Sunday’s set if I just hung in there but hell I didn’t want to.  Swim Funk!  The only bad thing was that we never warmed down as we had to get out of the water ASAP.  Oh well.  I guess I’m caught up.  It’s hard to keep oneself motivated day after day especially when it is cold out.  Also since it is cold out turn out in practice gets smaller and smaller so sometimes I have no one to pace with so I just slow up.  Vicious cycle. 


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