The Holidays
Happy Holidays

Wednesday In The Pool

Another day of warm water at the pool and cold cold temperature outside. 

400 warmup

150 broken 50 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim butterfly.

Main Set:

4x25’s kicking with 5 seconds rest

400 freestyle 50 drill and 50 swim.  Drills:  One Arm, Finger Tip Drag, Catchup and Fist.

4x25’s kicking with 5 seconds rest

400 freestyle pulling

4x25’s kicking with 5 seconds rest

400 breathe controll every 3, 5, any and 7 by 25.

50 easy

Next Set:

5x100’s freestyle on 1:20 holding the same pace.  I did 3 on 1:08 one on 1:07 and finished up on 1:06.  Short course yard pool.

400 freestyle.  It was supose to be for time but I just couldn’t.  Warm water really got to me and I just coasted.

100 easy

25 underwater

Then we did some ab work that I had to stop as I got a cramp.  Then some deep end kicking and finishing up with a 75 warmdown.


I hate that one arm freestyle drill. Did you do the free-arm-up version or the free-arm-down version?

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