Saturday Swimming Review
Back To The Gym

Wednesday Morning, Back In The Pool

On Tuesday I decided to skip the gym and take a recovery day.  I needed it after the weekend.  This morning while swimming it felt like I didn’t take a day off.  My arms were sore!  As I’m working on my NEW & IMPROVED freestyle I think that the new stroke action is why I’m feeling the pain.  I promise to post more about the NEW & IMPROVED freestyle soon.  And yes I’ve yet to post a recap on Sunday.  I’ve been busy at work and then the last two nights I’ve been battling the beginnings of a cold.  Damn it!

But I did brave temps in the 40’s to swim at the outside pool this morning picking to swim the distance free lane.  Although I don’t agree calling today's’ workout a distance free workout but it wasn’t sprints so that is a good thing.  The Mon and Wed morning coach is big on technique and drills so that leaves less time for actual distance.  She already warned me that Monday is going to be another heavy drill day. 

Warmed Up 500 Freestyle

Warmup Set:

200 Kick. 
200 Long Axis Swim
200 Breathe Control by 50 3/5/any/7
200 Race Strategy

200 Kick

400 broken 50 drill / 50 swim

200 kick

3x250’s on 3:45 descend

100 easy

250 for time. I did it in 2:47

warmdown 100

Well that is it for now, till next time...


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