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March 12 of 12

So after a few months of not doing 12 of 12 or taking 3 pictures and giving up I'm back for March.  Check out 12 of 12 started by Chad at his blog for March HERE.

1.  So I wake up at 5:10ish and once I grab my swim stuff I read the paper.  After reading a bit of the biz and entertainment sections I pick up the health section of the LA Times and find a letter regarding a Master Swimmer Profile from last week.  NOTE:  The Health section is always hidden behind the classifieds.  I never even knew it exhisted until I found it by accident.


2.   Damn DST!  It's now 5:55am and I'm on deck ready to hit the water.  Just a few days ago it was daylight at this time of day!  I hate you so much DST!


3. Mmmmm...Bacon!


4.  Well the swimming cancelled out the bacon and I weigh only 156 pounds.  Not bad for a 37 year old man who is 5'9".


5.  Snacks, Drinks and Lunch all ready to go to work.


6.  I gave into peer presure and got into the office NCAA pool.  Go Florida!


7.  I bought tickets from ticketmaster for the Human Rights Campaign's True Colors Concert this summer with Erasure, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry and some other group or person that I don't remember right now.  The tickets went on presale today for HRC donors.


8.  Work.  One of the screens I see all day.  Yawn. 


9.  Yahoo the mail is here.  I get home from work only to find two letters asking for more money from an earlier donation but at least I got this bumper sticker for my car.  Go Dems!


10.  Ahhh...cheap grocery market wine to gulp while cooking.


11.  Fire!  I am a man and I grill!


12.  Ahh...steak!  Only real men eat steak.  Oh and us gays like it too!   Oh and veggies are being cooked in the tin foil.


BONUS PIX:  This months keyword was green.  And today my girl scout cookie order arrived and in that was two boxes of thin mints sitting in GREEN boxes.  MMM...cookies.


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I admire your dedication in not only getting up at 5:10am, but then going swimming! I only have one 5:10 in my day, and that is the time just after I leave work ;-)

Helen (12 of 12er)

Great pics! Love the bumper sticker..... is it Nov 2008 yet?

Thanks for doing it again! Great pics!!

Congrats on getting your HRC Tix early. The show is coming to Atlanta too... on a Thursday night though, so not likely I will be able to attend. Dinner looks great by the way!

Very cool pictures!

Very cool!! For some reason in NYC, no one asked me about girl scout cookies. I miss them!!

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