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Friday Morning Fun Swim

12 of 12: April 2007

Oh another month and it's time to hop on Chad's bandwagon for 12 of 12...

1.  The Miles:  We start this month home from the gym with my iPod Nano telling me I ran a bit over 4 miles this morning.  I never realized how scratched up it was to I saw this picture.


2.  The Green:  Aren't I green today?

3.  Lunch:  Okay so last night the bf stopped a fast food place grabbed some food including a leftover side salad that I grabbed for my lunch.


4.  Lost:  Okay so I don't own those Nike sneakers that you place the Nike+ iPod sensor in and with the quick fix of velcro to my Puma only last three months till today when the sensor came off.  Doh!  I called my gym and visited it hoping someone would turn in the sensor but nothing yet.  Oh well I need new sneakers anyways and I guess I'll buy a new kit.  Ugh!


5.  Wind Damage:  In case you didn't hear it on the news LA was hit by high winds knocking down power lines and the tree out front of my place.

6.  Hungry?:  Time to order up some food.  King Fu it is.


7. Labor:  Need to move the tree out of the way for the delivery man to bring me food.


8. Wine:  Yeah I know I promised to cut back but it's been a stress filled day!  Really!


9.  Dykes:  So here I am watching one of the best shows of televsion when the delivery man brings me my food just when Jackie and some other dyke are full on kissing.  I think he got a hard on.


10.  Food:  It's here, dine in.


11.  Left:  The one random piece left of my Nike+ iPod device.  Without the sensor it is useless.  "Just like David Spade without Chris Farley: totally and utterly useless!" - the Simpsons


12. Suiting Up:  Every year our swim team has an official team suit these were the 2 finalist. 


The bonus picture was to be from a generated random word but mine was "Mark" and I don't know anyone with that name although I could have taken a marker and marked a piece of paper for a picture.  Either way I don't have a bonus picture.  Check out Chad's 12 of 12 [link]


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Great stuff today...the white suit should be very hot on u. Good luck on your races!

How about some shots IN the swim suits next time. :)

One thing I don't miss about L.A. are the Santa Ana winds. Especially when the fires have already started to pop up!

Great pics! Isn't WORK OUT great!? Thanks for doing it again!

Hope you have a great weekend!

"I think he got a hard on."

How funny is that! Were you watching the TV show? Or the delivery man's package?

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