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12/12/07 12 of 12. That's a lot of 12's!

Chad has a nifty little blog called the Untitled Chad Darnell Project and once a month on the 12th day of said month he has this little photo project.  Click the link above to read more about it but to quickly sum it up it's voyeurism at it's best.  People take 12 photos on the 12th day of the month and post them.  These photos are from various cities, states, countries and planets from individual bloggers and these bloggers post 12 photos that best summarizes a day in the life of said blogger. 

The last few months I started at various points of the 12th day of each month to take photos and gave up.  Some past months I'd remember 1st thing in the am of the day but give up taking photos by noon.  Other months I'd remember around dinner tie and some other months I'd remember the next day.  Yesterday being the 12th day of December I started taking photos at 5:55am then again at 9am only to forget to about 6:30pm.  So these photo's are not a day in the life of but do will lead to a rant. 

Photo 1 of 12:

The West Hollywood Pool at 5:55am.  Air temp about 40 degrees F.  I know for some that isn't cold but for Los Angeles it is fucking sub zero!  Notice that the pool is uncovered and the deck is dry meaning no cover was on the pool all night.  With water temp at about 81 degree's F that is a lot of wasted heat going into the air.  Good thing I don't pay taxes to the city of West Hollywood or I'd be pissed.  I don't think I've seen the cover on the pool since last year. 

Photo 2 of 12:

Just another picture of the dry pool deck.  Notice to the very right you can see a dry deck from the pool to the pool covers. 

Photo 3 of 12:

Well this proves that the town does own pool covers.  They are just too lazy to use them.  Later on I'll do some research about energy savings from using pool covers.  It just amazes me that they don't use these covers.  The pool water temp has been really warm yet the air temp has been really cold.  So you know the pool heaters are working overtime to keep the pool warm.  Not only is it wasted energy it can't be good for the heaters.  No wonder every year they seem to break down. 

Photo 4 of 12:

Just another photo of what a pool looks like at 5:55am!

Photo 5 of 12:

Me upside down.  The point is that it is cold outside so I'm layering with a sweater.  So festive!

Photo 6 of 12:

The holidays are here.  People have been bringing me Holiday gifts at work.  I love this time of year.  Although I'm eating bad and drinking even worse so I need to workout more.  Ugh.

Photo 6 of 12:

It's freezing so what is on my door?  Coupons for frozen yogurt.  Doh!  This place is near the office so I bring the coupons to work in case anyone wants frozen yogurt.

Photo 7 of 12:

9am.  I arrive at work.  Ugh!  Happy Holidays!

Photo 8 of 12:

Holiday Gifts.  Our company gives out gifts to people.  The last 3 years I've sat on the Holiday Gift Committee but not this year.  I dropped out of the decision making back in August.  Yeah it takes 3 months to decide on what we will give out.  I can't say what it is as someone reading this will be getting one.  I will do a deconstruction post around the Holiday's about this gift and it's packaging.

Photo 9 of 12:

My passcard and my parking ticket.  After 4 years of use my passcard to the garage at work is broken and taped together.  Therefore it doesn't always work at the gate leading the parking guy to yell at me.  The AMMPCO parking company expects me to pay 25 dollars for a new card.  I refuse so I take a ticket.  The parking garage an yells at me to not take a ticket unless I plan on paying for parking.  I tell him to take it up with my work and sometimes I tell him to fuck off and get out of my way.  Depends on my mood.

Photo 10 of 12:

The workout.  Tuesday's coach printed the workout so I snagged our lane's copy of the workout on my way out. 

Photo 11 of 12:

It's now 9:10.  Time to get to work.  My work keyboard is so dirty.  That is what happens when you eat 2 meals at work every day and countless snacks.

Photo 12 of 12:

About 6:40 and it's time to head home.


The bonus photo is month had to be based on the word Believe.  As in this month I believe I'm going to get fat!


I'd say that ungodly hour doesn't exist, but sadly I find myself getting up at 5:45am at least twice a week usually.

Getting up voluntarily to exercise at that time in the freezing cold though... whole 'nother thing entirely!

Mmm, holiday food :D

Helen, 12 of 12er (Dogeared)

These are awesome! Thanks for doing it again!

I can't believe that you are a) up at that hour and b) swimming in the c) frigid temps of LA.

You're a brave one.


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