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Back In The Water

After a week on dry land it was time to hit the water.  Once again it was freezing and once again the pool was warm.  I will admit I'm glad for once.  Between being so cold and not swimming for a week I was ok to swim in bathwater.  I also was the second person in the water as opposed to being one of the lasts.  Of course we only have 5 swimmers at 6am.  Since we had 5 swimmers and 6 lanes we each got our own lane.  I asked the coach for slower intervals so the 5 of us all did the same interval.  I just had more rest.  And after a week of not swimming I needed the extra rest. 

Warm up was a 400 swim, 300 pull and a 200 kick.  I really took my time doing it.  I felt so and slow.  Half hung over and half from not swimming.  After that we did a warm up set of four 200's.  They were broken as follows 100 kick, 50 drill, 50 swim.  Odds Free, Evens Stroke which was fly for me.

Then it was time for the main set.  16x100's.  Four free on 1:30 then four IM on 1:50 then rest and repeat.  I had a tough time.  The free's I maintained a 1:15 and the IM about the same but a tad faster.  My shoulders were bothering me.  At the 16th one hundred I remembered that I forgot to wear my new parka.  Doh!  I've wanted a swim parka for years so I asked my bf for one for xmas.  They are not expensive but it's just something I can never push myself to buy.  So he got it for me and on my first swim back I leave it at home.  Doh!

We then finished up with ten 25's on 30.  Odds easy, Evens sprint.  We did the sprints reverse IM with one extra fly.  Out of the 5 of us 3 were butterflies.  We all swim the 200 fly at meets.  The oldest is over 60 and is amazing.  He is my inspiration.  To be 60 and still active.

Well that was my first swim workout since my vacation and I'll need the day to recover.  I'll be posting another post later today about with my vacation roundup. 


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