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Back To The Gym

After sleeping in I woke up around 8am watched some CNN and then hit the gym around 9.  I figured the gym would be empty but I was wrong.  Once again proving that no one works in this town.  I started with 15 minutes warming on the bike before moving onto my weight circuit routine.  I've decided to get over Tourde my bike phobia and go on a ride in February with the boyfriend.  Which means I need to start putting serious time on a bike.  I hope to try Spinning classes next week but need to spend more time on the bike.  I tried a spin class 3 1/2 years ago and dropped out after 10 minutes falling off the bike and getting a scar from the experience.  So then I tried a few times riding with the bf.  While trying to signal to turn, slow down and make the turn I went head over the handlebars.  I do ride from time to time in the morning to swim but at 5:45 am not many cars to scare me.  I don't know why but being near cars scare me when riding.  Put me on a bike trail apart from motor cars and I am okay.   So I have to Feb 9th when the Tour de Palm Springs happens to get ready.  The bf who has done century bike rides before will be doing it and I'm going to do my best to do it.  Check out more info online at


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