IGLA 2007 Recap Video
Rain At 6am On Deck


After a weekend of fighting a cold I went back to swimming this morning.  Call me stupid as it is 45 degrees outside at 6am and we swim at an outdoor pool.  I felt pretty good in the water just a bit sore.  But after swimming I'm back to sniffling and my throat is scratchy.  I should have rested a bit more.  When I woke up I felt great and last night I thought I was all better.  Oh well with the Holiday, Holiday events I only have one more swim this week and that is Wednesday.  Then I'll be out of the water for over a week. 

Warmed Up:  400

200 Kick
400 Free 50 Drill / 50 Swim
200 Kick Broken by 50's on 55

5x100's on 1:15
rest to the next top
5x100's on 1:25

easy 50

2x75 Kick / 50 drill / 25 swim.  one fly / one back

5x100's Fly on 1:40. 

All of the 100's were on the following pattern:
1st and 4th 25 Fast
Middle 50 Fast
First 50 Fast
Last 50 Fast
All 100 Fast

Okay so maybe I didn't stick to that pattern.  I was more concerned with making the 100's on the interval. Monday's are always have the smallest turn out of any our workouts and usually I'm the only fast lane swimmer at 6am.  I'm horrible at pacing.  I need to either be trying to stay ahead of someone or playing catch up.   Ask me to do a pattern on a fast interval and I'm fucked.  Just let me swim the 100's on 1:15 the way I always do.  I build in the 100.  If I start with a 25 or 50 fast my stroke is shit by the end.  So the 1st five free on 1:15 I did in my own way but the second round on 1:25 I did as the coached asked.  As for the 100's fly.  I also did as the coach asked as best as one can do when doing five 100's fly.  My first four 100's fly I did on 1:18/1:19.  The coach gave me addition 20 seconds before the 5th one so I was able to pull my stroke together enough to do it on a 1:09.  For SCY that isn't that fast as my best time is just a few hundredths about a 1:00.  But being the 5th 100th I'm happy with a 1:09.


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