Sunday Afternoon Swim
Last Swim To Next Year

My New Years Resolution

When it comes to flip turns I have the worst flip turns of anyone I know.  It's not as much as a flip as it is twisting turning motion with my arms doing some sorta of new age Tai Chi moves.  Then in the shallow end of the pool my right hand actually touches the bottom of the pool as I do a split second hand stand before pushing off.  Once I push off I don't take advantage of being faster underwater I pop up as soon as I'm off the wall.  Therefore I've made it my New Years Resolution banish the one hand handstand and to make every turn a real flip turn.  I wish I had a clip of me doing my freestyle flip turn.  You'd all laugh it's that bad. 

Here is a video of what a real flip turn should look like in case any of you don't know.


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