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From time to time I am vocal about sets I don't like during workout leading some other swimmers and some coaches to say that I'm too negative.  Sometimes I am and other times I'm gung ho.  When I first started swimming 3 1/2 years ago the only reason I got back in the water after 17 years was that I was too lazy to run or do other gym activities.  For my 1st year swimming workouts were pretty easy and laid back.  The 2nd and 3rd years changed all that as faster swimmers started to come to the 6am workouts.  Which has been great for me as I've been able to step up.  But from time to time I just want to step back and swim a nice easy workout.  I don't need to kill myself every time I get in the water.  This is masters swim after all.  I'm no Dana Torres. 

I also was thinking after a comment was made this morning about how I can be negative sometimes that if I was in the slow lane struggling during workout I'd like to know that one of the fast lane swimmers was also struggling with the same things.  So in a may my negative energy is a motivational tool for others.  Yeah, that's the ticket!  Or at least that is what I'm telling myself today!


Jeez - I'm always complaining about my coach's workout selections. The only time I post about a practice is when I want to complain about it! You're absolutely right about noting we're just masters swimmers after all - no Olympic glory, no university scholarships, no sponsorships on the line for us: so why destroy ourselves during practice? If we don't let our coaches know when we're being pushed too far they keep on moving practices ever closer to those familiar competitive practices they grew up on, workouts way beyond the capabilities of us old, decrepit has-beens. Or they design a set to challenge an ex-Olympian on the team with the same results for the rest of us 'Normals'. Sure so-and-so can actually swim 6x200m on 2:40 but for me this set just translates into a 1,200m swim on 16:00. No fun at all. I also agree with you about the encouragement given to weaker swimmers listening to the complaints about a particular set from the better swimmers. It lets them know we're all in the same boat and they're not alone in their struggles. The real test of a swimmer's dedication after complaining is whether or not he or shes make an honest effort at trying to do the set as closely as possible to the way it was given out. It's the ones who deliberately dog a set who should be singled out.

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