Rare Sighting
Sunday Afternoon Swim

Pre-New Years Gym Overcrowding Day

Last night I wasn’t able to sleep and was up to almost 4am watching random television.  First I watched repeats of the 11pm News and Nightline, then on to Entertainment Tonight.  Wow is that show annoying.  At some point in the program between the who’s getting hitched and who’s getting ditched they turned to celebrities losing weight.  It’s that time of the year!  While watching tv well into the early morning every other commercial was for some diet product.  So it shouldn’t have come as a big surprise this morning when I hit the gym to find very little parking.

When I walked in a bunch of people were at the front desk asking about memberships.  Then there was this one guy arguing about his credit card being declined and why didn’t he know.  Um..it’s December 29th so your card was declined 29 days ago.  First of all don’t you check your statement online and secondly where have been the last 28 days.  Besides not being at the gym?

I did a revised version of my circuit weight routine.  I had to skip around when various machines were not in use and some just skipped as it seemed some people were parked for a while.  I can’t complain at least they are working out.  I skipped cardio as I felt I had enough yesterday.  I’m hoping, well maybe attempting my 1st Spin Class on Sunday or maybe Tuesday. 


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