Rain At 6am On Deck
The Holidays

Rain, Rain Go Swim.

With today being most likely my last swim to after Xmas I decided to brave the rain and swim.  Luckily the rain was more of a sprinkle now and then again.  But with warm water and what not I had no energy.  Which I don't get as I fell asleep after one glass of wine last night about 8pm.  Doh!  It was also hard to be motivated knowing that I maybe out of the water for a week.  Tomorrow night I have my company xmas party which means I'll drink too much and not make Friday's swim.  Then I'm off to spend the Holiday in Palm Springs so I wont be doing much of anything.

This morning I warmed up about a 400.  I say about because I was just swimming laps counting my strokes per lap. 

After that the coach assigned us a set.  Then snapped at us as we all began to ask questions at the same time.  Here is what we all heard "100 kick / 25 drill / 25 swim /100 kick with a 200 for a total of a 400".  Huh?  100+25+25+100 is a 250?  So of course we ask and she got mad at us.  She went on to say " you all know I repeat the set 3 times as I have a 9 year old at home and always repeat everything".  Which is true.  Repeats it three times once for each lane group so in reality you only hear it once or maybe twice at best.  So we all left at the same time and did the 100 kick, 25 drill, 25 swim and 100 kick.  When we finished she then explained it was 100/200/100 with the 200 being split 25/25.  Doh!  So we had to do a 150  to finish the set right.

4x100's Stroke on 1:40.  Descend.  I did these all fly.  Big mistake. I had such a hard time breathing.  The water temp was warm and the air temp was cold so we swam in an atmosphere of steam.  So every breath was a bitch.  I was just breathing chlorine vapors.

4x100's Stroke on 1:40.  I did these backstroke
4x50's Stroke on 60.  I did these fly.

4x4x25.  Four sets of 4x25.  One round of each stroke.


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