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The 200 Fly

Joelonblock2 Back in May at the USMS SCY Nationals when I swam the 200 Fly I went out too fast and just died at the end.    My arms were sore and my legs just had nothing left.  So this time I tried to pace myself.  After the 100 I took the 3rd 50 a bit slow.  Maybe too slow.  I felt good and strong the whole 200.  No dying, no tired arms or legs.  I don't think swimming the 200 butterfly only twice a year at a meet is teaching me how to swim the event correctly.  After my swim when I walked back to my team mates my coach and several people commented that I now need to break the 2:25 mark in the SCM 200 Fly.  Oy!  The next SCM meet will be in June in Washington, DC.  Just enough time to do lots and lots of fly in workout!

This picture is me on the block this weekend of the 200 Fly taken by Tony at the SCAQ Blog


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