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Dumbbell My Circuit Workout:

My workout is based on just my informal knowledge of gym going.  Parts of it comes from the one free training session I had with my new gym membership three years ago while other parts come from books and other material from the Men’s Fitness magazine’s publisher.  My routine is what some might call “The Idiot’s Guide To The Gym” as I try to stay away from dumbbells and other free weights.  I use machines that use free weights which I hope makes me have proper positioning in order not to get hurt.  The order of my training is based on the layout of my gym.  I go from machine to machine that is closest to each other and sometimes skip around if a machine is broken or occupied by another gym goer.

First as every thing I’ve read has told me is too warm up.  So I jump on some low impact machine and warm up.  Usually I bike for about 10 to 20 minutes to get my heart rate up.  Today I biked for only15 minutes.

Then I’m off to the HAMMER STRENGTH MTS FRONT PULLDOWN.  I move the peg and lift about 50 on each side. I then do three sets of 12 reps. What is the MTS Front Pulldown?  Well according to the wide world web it is:

Mts The underhand grip position of the MTS FRONT PULLDOWN allows for neutral wrist positioning, while providing an ideal stimulus for training the Latissimus Dorsi. Large arc of motion is unique and provides a great variation to the traditional Lat Pulldown. Additional handle provides a means of stabilization during one-arm exercise. The ISO-LATERAL motion allows for equal strength development and provides great variety for muscle stimulation

Then I wobble over to the TRICEPS EXTENSION.  I thought it was called something else but after a search this was the closest thing I could find.  The gym has two different ones.  One I can do about 70lbs of plates the other about 60lbs.  So I know they are different.  I use whichever one is not being used.  It’s the same thing just different machines.  What is a Tricep Extension?  Well once again according to the www it is:

The angled seat and arm pads of the PRO2 SE SERIES TRICEPS EXTENSION enhance stability during exercise. The handle pivots automatically to accommodate varying forearm lengths.

Now I’m pretty warmed up and ready to hit the chest area.  Now this is were I bounce around a bit using which machines are free.  For the next four items I use 45 lbs. plates on each side so I lift 90 lbs.  I do try and break the next four items with another circuit unit to break it up.  The four chest machines are:

ISO Lateral wide chest press
ISO lateral decline press
ISO lateral incline press
ISO lateral bench press

In between the four sets I do Lateral Raises using 12 lbs. dumbbells on each side.  After a quick search Lateral Raises are described as:

Lateral raises. Position your feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Holding dumbbells, lift both arms out to the side, no higher than shoulder level.

So let’s say I start with Iso-Lateral Wide Chest. 

Then I’ll move on to the Iso-Lateral Decline Press.

So this is about the time I’ll move over to the matted area in front of the mirror and do Lateral Raises.

After that I head back to the machines that all lined up and do the
Iso-Lateral Incline Press.

Then the last bit of chest I do before moving on is the Iso-Lateral Bench Press. 

Now it’s time to rest the arms and chest and work on that dang abs.  The next part of the workout is what my partner calls the women’s machine.  The BACK EXTENSION machine.  You can do back extensions using two different ways I prefer the weighted one.  This more than anything I believe has helped me in my butterfly.  So for those who want to do the 200 Butterfly this is the machine for you.  I do 3 sets of anywhere between 12 and 5 reps..  Depending on my mood. 

Keeping with the abs and resting the arms and chest I move over to the Freemotion abs machine.  I couldn’t find a picture but it’s a machine that you stand against a padded board and pull down two straps.  I’m sure you can find it at most gyms.

Then I do two more things.  The first is the seated cable butterfly pull.  I don’t have a picture but once again just look around your gym.  If you go to my gym it is the one that is broken most of the time.  After that I move on to the last chest machine of the day called Nitro® Plus Vertical Chest.  I do about 95 lbs of plates. 

After that I walk over to the mats and do abs work.  Every time I do different various crunches depending on my time and my effort.  Also if I can find a swiss ball to do abs work with.  Finally the end of my workout usually just kills the arms.  It’s the end of the workout so it’s using every ounce left.  This last thing is called 21’s.  It’s basically a fancy way to do a barbell curl.  According to the www it is:

Using the barbell 21's are very popular. 21's are doing 7 reps half way up, then another 7 the top half of the movement and then the last 7 you do the full range of motion. This is highly effective and should be tried at least once or twice.

There are two ways to do 21’s.  One is holding the barbell with the palms facing down and the other with palms facing up.  I do both as it works different muscle fibers.  For palms closed facing up I do 60 lbs for three sets.  For palms closed facing down I do 50lbs for three sets or till my arms can’t take it anymore.

Well that is it.  That is my workout.  Take what you want from this but remember I am not a trainer or certified to be one.  This is just my workout.

You can download the pdf with pictures of this workout here: Download joels_circuit_workout_208.pdf

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