Easter in Hollywood
2008 Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Sunday Swim

Left the Easter Egg Hunt with enough time to get to WeHo to swim.  In fact since it was Easter Sunday traffic was such a breeze that I was really early.  After standing outside for about 3 1/2 hours it was nice to jump in the pool.  But since I ate really close timewise to swim practice I ended up cramping up a bit after the freestyle main set. 

Warm up was a quick 300 before moving on to a warm up free set.  That was 8x50's.  The first 4 on 50 seconds were 25 drill / 25 swim.  The second 4 on 45 seconds all swim. 

Main Freestyle Set:
2x100 on 1:15
200 on 2:30
2x100's on 1:20
2x200 on 2:30
2x100's on 1:25
3x200's 2:20/2:25/no interval but fast.

50 easy

8x50's Like the warm up set but this time stroke.

Stroke Set:
100 Kick on 1:55
50 Stroke on 1:00 (IM order per set)
125 Swim No interval just wait to the next top on the clock (did them butterfly/backstroke/2 butterfly)

50 easy

I was getting cramped up and gave up after doing a 300 easy.  i will admit I didn't push myself too much in this workout.  I just made the intervals and took my swims easy.  I didn't want to lead the lane so I just went on a slower pace behind the person leading.  I just didn't want to lead. 


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