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Ending March With One More Swim

It's the last swim of March and Cesar Chavez Day.  Due to the holiday the pool is open limited hours today so we had one practice from 7am to 8:30.  The extra 15 minutes is a lot when it comes to working out.  I don't mind drilling and kicking so much as I know I'll be getting some swimming in.  Although today having one practice the lanes were pretty full.  I had the wall lane and we had 4 people in the lane.  Now this pool has very narrow lanes for some reason so being in the wall lane is a big disadvantage.  The good thing was that none of us were around the same speed so we were spaced out.  I hate when you are swimming and you do a flip turn and it's one person after another makes me feel cramped in.  The bad news was that later when doing butterfly I'd do one stroke then have to do one arm.  Butterfly in the wall lane is hard enough. 

Warmed up about a 500.  Then we did a set of 4x50's kick then a 400 alternating drill / swim by 50 then another set of 4x50's kick.  Oh and we did some 25's drilling I think or was that yesterday.  Damn the workouts are blending together in my mind. 

5x100's Free on 1:20.  The first round I was doing 1:10's by the end of the second round of five I was doing 1:12's.  The water was hot and I felt cramped up against the wall.  For some reason the water seemed choppy.  Guess I'm use to swimming with only one or two other swimmers per lane. 

I think this is when we moved on to a 400 breath control before moving on to stroke.

6x100's on 1:35.  First one and sixth one IM.  The middle four were choice.  I did them some fly and back.  I ended up doing more back just cuz' it seemed pointless swimming one arm butterfly.

I know we did more than that but whatever.  We ended up finishing the workout with a set of 6x25's off the blocks.  I know between Nationals and IGLA coming up real soon we need to work on our starts but why on one of the coldest mornings do we do this?  Plus from what I've seen at meets most of us have our starts somewhat down pat what we need to work on are relay starts.  I've seen enough of my team mates DQ's for leaving too early in relay starts.  Including myself three years ago.


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