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Monday Monday

For some reason sleep has been illusive for me the last few weeks.  Last night was the worst night yet.  After falling asleep at a reasonable time I kept up getting up every hour on the hour.  At 3am I gave up after hearing the paper being delivered.  I got up and read the paper.  After the paper I moved on to the iPhone to read news and then the computer.  Around 5:42 I left for swim.  Considering the lack of sleep I was able to keep myself going during swim.  I figured some time mid afternoon I'll crash. 

Warmed up around a 400.  I had my own lane for the workout as turnout was very low.  After the warm up part we moved on to a warm up set. 

100 (50 drill / 50 swim) on 1:40 & 4x50 Kick on 60

100 (50 drill / 50 swim) & 2x50's Kick

Main Set:
200 Free on 2:30 (i was coming in at or under 2:20)
100 IM on 1:25
50 Stroke on 50
50 Stroke on 60

400 Pull (200 distance per stroke / 200 descend by 50)

2x50's working on flip turns

warmed down a 50

I'm missing a set in there somewhere.  Oh well.  I remembered the jist of it.  I will admit this workout was better than last Monday.  I didn't even write it down or post anything from last Monday.  All I can say is we did a 30 minute kick set in a 75 minute workout.  After warming up, kicking and a quick warm up set it was 55 minutes into workout before we started the main set.  At that point I got out.  Felt like a wasted workout.  Oh well....running late for work now.


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