2008 Nike+ City Challnege: GO LA

So Didn't Make The 07 Cut

The finalized 2007 USMS Top 10 Lists are out and although I was ranked number 10 in the preliminary 200 Butterfly list I got pushed out in the final list.  No biggie.  That is what you get when you only swim the event once in a SCM pool in a year.  My time was a 2:28.48 and the 10th fastest time was 2:26.62 a huge difference.  I still have my 2006's Top 10's to keep me motivated.  If I had only swam the 1500 SCM Free I would have been ranked 6th for the year.  Something to think about when I sign up for meets in the future.  Although I really don't plan on doing too many meets this year.  To be honest I don't like the experience of sitting around and waiting.  I get nervous and end up having to pee every 15 minutes.  I might just force myself to swim the one at UCLA next month.  It's a short meet and so close to home. 

In other news I just went to the local USMS website and although they've yet to post the SCM Regional Top 10's they did post the SCY Regional Top 10's for 2007 and I have three top tens.  I think they all came from swimming at the UCLA last year.  For the 500 SCY Free I came in fourth regionally with a time of 5:28.06.  For the 100 SCY Back, wait I swam back and didn't get DQ'ed at the turn, I came in fourth regionally with a time of 1:02.66.  Then in the 100 SCY Fly I came in seventh regionally with a time of 1:00.46. 

Okay that is enoguht to keep me motivated a few more months. 


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