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Sorta Distance Free Morning Workout

On Wednesday the coach has us split between "Distance Free" and "Stroke" lanes.  Usually I really don't care what I do so I make my choice on who shows up and how the lanes end up splitting.  Some people I don't enjoy sharing the lane with as much as others so that sometimes plays into my decision.  Today I decided to do the "distance free" workout.  I'm using quotes because the workout was a more of a middle distance workout.

Warmed up about a 300 as I was late.  I biked to swim and not only did I leave a bit later it took me longer waiting for red lights along the way.

300 Free 50 Swordfish / 50 Swim

400 Pull 50 Fingertip / 50 Swim

6x100's on 1:20 Pace.  I did them all at 1:10/1:11

800 Free Pace  I did it on 9:44.  At every 100 I paused and looked at the clock making sure I was below a 1:15 pace.  I ended up lapping my lane mate twice.

50 easy

300 Pull 50 Fist / 50 Swim

6x100's on 1:30 Descend 1-3 and 4-6.  My fastest was a slow 1:04.  Which considering I swam last night and this was at the end of workout it wasn't so bad.


Warmed down a 50.

During warmup I was feeling last nights workout but as the workout went on it was as if my muscles were in memory mode from last nights swim and just kept going.  It's funny how doing a night then the next morning workout does that sometimes.  The water itself seemed a bit warmer than last night.  During the 800 it was getting to me.  Even with getting out of the water after the 800 to take a pee break when I got back in the water my body temp was a bit high.  Note we swim outside and the locker room doesn't have a roof so you'd think I'd cool off a bit. 

Tonight I'm going to the laundry mat to do laundry.  Then tomorrow I'll sleep in and then run after work at the Niketown Run Club at the Beverly Hills store for the 5 mile loop.  I so need to run more than once a week. 


I like hearing about these good fast swim workouts! My opinion on running, for what it's worth, is that three times/week really is pretty much essential to build up good fitness. I think that once you're in good running shape already, and are swimming and/or biking also, you can probably have some spells where you cut back to two runs instead of three, but frequency is very valuable...

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