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Sunday Bloody Sunday

Wowser.  Sunday swims are always difficult for some reason.  Maybe it's that swimming mid day throws the body off or that the alcohol of the previous few nights have left the body for the worse.  Actually I slept pretty well and didn't drink much on Saturday so that isn't it.  Today I'm blaming it on the water temp as once again it was too hot.  I warmed up about a mixed 500.  After that we did a warm up set of drill work.  One arm and swordfish and some kick.  Quick and easy for a change.  After that we jumped into a 400 pull counting out strokes and doing distance per stroke.  I've really been working on that so I was really counting my strokes.  During the whole freestyle part of workout I was working on my catch and my keeping my elbows up.  Every Sunday I concentrate on my swimming more than I do on weekdays.  Having the extra time to think about swimming and being able to watch you tube videos or dvd's helps remind me on what I need to do.

Main Free Set:
300 on 3:45
3x100's on 1:15

Then we did a 400 IM.  50 Drill / 50 Swim

Main Stroke Set:
First Round Free, Second Round IM, Third Round Choice

Final Stroke Set:
150 Free
4x25's Stroke (one round of each stroke)

Since I just got back I'm too tired to type so I'm ending this post now...


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