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Sunday Swim

It's another windy and cold day here in Los Angeles so being on deck was not a fun thing.  The water has way too hot so it was a good combo for swimming.  You'd swim, get overheated, stop at the shallow, stand up and cool off.  Repeat a few hundred times during workout.  Biking on the way to swim was just as fun as I was biking into the wind.  Of course that meant biking home was a breeze, I know bad pun.

Warmed up on my own about a 350.  Really was taking my time and after getting in the water had to take a pee break.  Then we did a warm up set of 8x75's on 1:20  broken 25 Drill / 50 Kick.  I mixed it up with fly, back and freestyle.  After that we did 4x50's swim.

Main Set:
7x200's as follows
1st - 150 Free / 50 Stroke (did it fly)
2nd - 100 Free / 100 Stroke (did it 25 fly/25 back)
3rd 50 Free / 150 Stroke (did 75 fly / 25 back / 50 fly)
4-7 - IM
1x50 easy
200 FAST (did this fly) on about a 2:32ish  Can't remember now.  The first 100 I took it out easy around a 1:20 then realized I felt good and blasted the 2nd 100.  I'm not posting intervals cuz' I messed them up.  At first I was leading the lane with one other person who was doing it all free.  After the 3rd 100 I had to take some extra rest as I was really hot.  That is when my lane mate got out as he was not feeling into it and the heat was bothering him. 

Next Set:
7x100's as follows
1st - 75 Free / 25 Fly
2nd - 50 Free / 50 Fly
3rd - 25 Free / 50 Fly
4th - 75 Back / 25 Fly
5th - 50 Back / 50 Fly
6th - 25 Back / 75 Fly
7th - All Fly
50 easy
100 FAST Fly.  I did this on a 1:06.  Having my own lane I did the 100's a tad differently than the coach had mentioned.  I wanted to work on my fly so that is why you see how I kept adding fly.  Four - Seven were suppose to be descend so I kept adding fly so in theory I did the set correctly just a tad different than the other lanes.  Some did them IM and others did it all freestyle.  I think I did them all on 1:40.  I don't know as I was by myself who cares.  After that we did a warm down set.

The water was so warm that it was a struggle.  I can never understand why they keep that outdoor pool so warm.  Poor WeHo taxpayers!  Of course those little old ladies who come for the AquaAerobics love it.  Time to rest and get ready for tomorrow morning's swim.  Hopefully no one tosses any more beer bottles over the fence like that Sunday night.


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