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That's Gotta Hurt - Tuesday Night Swim

Some days you have okay workouts, some days you have really bad workouts and then every so often you have a workout that you rock.  Tonight I rocked the workout.  The main sets were tough I really pulled myself together and kept going.  I will admit at first during the warm up set I was getting a bit discouraged and after reading the main set I was a bit overwhelmed.  But once I started going I just game alive.

Warmed up a mixed 600.  Really loafed it.  Then we did a warm up kick set of 5x100's.  I did 4 of them.  Hey, I don't kick.  I took a pee break then loafed the rest of the set.  At this point I was like oh well I'm not here to go fast I'm here for a cardio workout.  Almost sabotaging myself. 

Then we did our last warm up set.  It was a set of 6x100's.  2 on 1:20, 2 on 1:15 and 2 on 1:10.  Really getting our heart rate up.  This is when I woke up out of my funk.

Main Stroke Set:
8x25's on 30 IM order odds drill / even swim
200 IM on 3:00
8x25's on 25 IM order odds drill / even swim
200 IM on 3:00
8x25's on 25 IM order odds drill / even swim
200 IM on 3:00
4x25's on 25 IM
200 IM on 3:00

Then a pull free warm down / up set.  I did a 100 of it.

Main Free Set:
5x100's on 1:20
4x125's on 1:40
3x150's on 2:00
2x175's on 2:20
take an extra minute rest
200 Free all out.  I finished in a 2:12.

The workout was a killer but I just kept going.  I actually liked it.  Even having to do IM.  There was three fast lanes in which two of the lanes did the intervals above.  One other lane did it free set intervals 5 seconds faster.  I was getting 10 seconds rest which was perfect.  No need to kill myself.  I think if I had done the faster interval I would have broken down and died toward the end.  Hell I can't even imagine how I'm going to make it to swim at 6am tomorrow.  Actually sometimes after a workout like this the momentum keeps me going the next morning.  Guess we shall see...


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