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The iPhone / Nike+ Bypass

A little over a year ago or maybe it was a year ago I went running after work with my Nano attached to my Nike+ when I got home I had missed a call from ex-work.  It wasn't the only time but this one time I actually was right outside the office building when they called based from my questimate of time.  I was so excited about the news of the iPhone and went out and bought it the 2nd day it was on sale.  I was not happy to find out that Nike+ system did not work with the iPhone.  So for the last few months I've run with the iPhone sans Nike+.  I did run one morning with the Nano but that was only once as the bf uses the Nano now.  So I've been pretty excited since hearing the Nike is going on it's own this time with a new device called the Nike+ Sportsband.  Basically it's a wrist band that has some computer thingy that you can plug into your computer via it's USB plug. 
Gizmodo is now reporting that it will go on sale next week.  The folks at Giz snagged the picture you see with this post from the Nike website.  I've been all over the regular Nike and the Nike+ site but didn't find it.   Anyways if this isn't some bad early April Fool's joke I'll be at the Nike store some time next week to snatch it up.  Too bad my 30% coupon expires this week to the Niketown store.  Damn!

Also where is the Swoosh?  What does the RH thing mean?  I hate to say this is some vapor wear / fake / joke but this doesn't seem like a finished product to me.


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