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Friday Morning Swim

On the way out on my bike I took a tumble and fell into the grass.  After brushing myself off I got back on the bike and headed towards the pool.  Luckily the grass broke the fall and I only have a very small bruise near my knee.

Once at the pool our warm up was cut short due to the fact that the lifeguard was late and was taking the pool covers off to about 6:05.  I ended up doing a mixed 350 yards swimming free and backstroke.

Warm Up Set
100 Kick
100 Swim
2x75's Kick
2x75's Swim
3x50's Kick
3x50's Swim

After running yesterday my legs weren't in any mood for any kicking.  I did all the kicking butterfly which I think is the easiest kick to do and maintain.

Free Set:
2x200's on 2:35
3x150's on 1:55 (i think)

Stroke Set:

Finishing up
2x100's.  One easy.  One fast off the blocks.  Did the fast one butterfly.
3x50's easy/fast/easy.  Fast one off the blocks once again I did butterfly
4x25's fast/easy.  fast two off the blocks once again I did butterfly

warmed down a 125.


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