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Hitting The Wall

If you read this blog on a regular basis you know a few weeks ago I was in a funk when it comes to working out.  Then as soon as the funk started it also ended and I started to feel good about swimming.  With the good times comes the wall.  That time in training when you body is ready for a day off.  Today during the 6am workout I hit the wall. 

Warmed Up a 300 swim.

200 Pull

300 Pull (25 Fist Drill  50 Pull)

5x100's Free on 1:15 Pace (I did them between 1:06-1:08)

a quick run to pee

500 Free Fast.  I did it in a 5:52.  A bit slow.  I was hurting.  Not enough rest between the 5x100's and this set.   The last 100 was a sad swim.  I had nothing left.  This is when I hit the wall.  Actually on  lap 18 I hit the lane line with my hand as I was going into the turn to lap 19.  That turn was a sad thing to watch.  The last 50 was me just swimming and not giving up.

easy 50

5x100's Free on 1:15.  In theory.  I made one of them and got slower and slower on each one.  I think that last one was slower than a 1:20.

3x50's one fly fast  / one easy free / one fly fast

50 warmdown.

No swimming to Friday.  Plenty of recovery time.  Then I'll swim Friday morning, rest on Saturday and swim on Sunday.  Sunday I plan to swim at a small meet at UCLA.  Nothing to serious.  Will deck enter so I don't know what I plan to swim yet.  Most likely the 500 free and 100 fly with some time fillers in between.  The UCLA meet is a fun and quick meet.  It's close by and then I can go get cookies after.  Also it's the LA Times Book Fair so I can spend the day.


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