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More Stroke In The Morning

After biking to swim this morning it was time to hop in the water for another swim.  Even with weights, running and swimming last night I felt okay in the water.  A little stiff but good.

Warmed up a mixed 400.

400 Reverse IM 50Swim / 50Kick / 50Kick / 50 Swim
400 IM 50Drill / 50 Swim / 50Swim / 50Drill

Main Set:
200 Stroke on 3:10 (did this butterfly came in at 2:31)
2x100's Free on 1:25
4x50's Stroke on 50 (did these backstroke)
200 Free on 2:35
2x100's Free on 1:25
4x50's Free on 45
200 IM on 3:10
2x100's Free on 1:25 (I did both on 1:03)
4x50's IM order on 45

Then we warmed down and did some deep end kicking.  It is amazing how swimming back to back is easier than one would think.  It's almost like the first workout is just a warm up for the the second practice.  I'm going to rest today with nothing else planned.  Let the body recover for the next round.


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