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Sunday Workout: Stroking It

When I show up at workout I never know what kind of swimming mood I'll be in.  My mood can be so random based on the heat of the pool, how many people in the lane, which lane I swim in, who is in my name and that's just a few variables.  Today I just didn't feel like swimming freestyle.  So when the workout was given and we were told we can swim stroke as long as we met the interval I decided to split my workout between butterfly and backstroke.  Needless to say I wish I was in a slower lane with a slower interval.  Oh and don't ask me the intervals since I have no idea.  I know the 200's were on 3:10 and the 150's on a fast interval with little rest let's say 2:15 or 2:25.  The 50's were on 50 except the first round which were sprints on 60.  It's one of those workouts that intervals change and the workout set's rotate.

Warmed Up a mix 300.

4x100's Kick
4x75's broken 25 Drill / 50 Swim

Main Set:
it's a long one..
200 on 3:15.  Did this backstroke
2x150's.  Did the 1st one Fly, the 2nd one backstroke.
3x100's.  Did the 1st one Fly, 2nd one backstroke, 3rd one IM
4x50's Fast.  I think I did them all back.  Doh, can't remembe
4x50's.  Took a pee break.  Missed one.  2 and 3 did breast and the 4th free.
200 on 3:15  Did this backstroke
2x150's. Same as before 1 fly and 1 back.
3x100's. I know I did at least one fly.  The second one back.  Can't remember maybe the 3rd one fly.

3x100's.  Jeez' I don't remember my pattern.  I'm sure one fly, one back and maybe one more back.
4x50's Back
200.  Back
2x150's.  Did one fly and one back.

3x100's.  I think I did them back/back/free
200 Butterfly.  Did it on 2:25.  Which is a fast 200 fly for the end of workout.

This was a tough workout for a stroke workout.  I wish I could remember the pattern I swam it but I did it sorta random towards the end.  The last round I tried to keep it back and freestyle till the 200.  I knew all along that I would be swimming a 200 fly at the end but I kept forget the middle of each set.  Overall it was a good workout.  I'm happy with my last 200.  The only thing that I didn't like was how crowded the pool was.  I was doing butterfly with 3 other lane mates on the wall lane.  ugh!  The only good part was 2 left after 60 minutes and by the 200 fly I had the lane to myself.  I think swimming fly in a crowded lane sucks as you have to switch to one arm as you swim along others.  So you get in a groove swimming then stop and then pick it back again.  It drives me crazy and I think is more work than just swimming whatever the set is all fly with both arms.

Well that is it.  I kept telling myself to go running but I'm glad I didn't.  I would never had the legs to do all that butterfly


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