Tuesday Morning
Designer Thom Browne Goes For A Run

Tuesday Night Swim

In just a few short hours the temperature in LA dropped like a rock.  Waiting on deck for the 7pm workout to begin the wind crept in the cooler temps.  It got to the point that after workout I was rubbing my arms to keep warm on my way to the locker room.  Riding home on the bike I was pretty chilly.

I think I'd rather have it too hot than too cold outside.  I know that by morning it'll be back to shivering on deck.  Although I don't know if I'll swim tomorrow morning as I need to be in Marina Del Ray in the morning.  I may just go for a quick run and if later in the day if I'm up for it go and swim at a lap swim.  Who knows.

As for tonight workout started pretty slow for me.  I was feeling tired and just not into it.  Warmed up a 400 Swim, 300 Pull then a 100 Kick.  Then we went right into a kick set.  A series of 12x50's on 60.  Every third 50 was kicking butterfly n our back. After that we had a warm up set 4x75's 0n 1:15 50 Drill  25 Swim then 4x75's on 1:15 25 Drill  50 Swim.

Main Set:
4x150's on 1:10 Freestyle
Rest a minute
4x150's IM minus Freestyle on 1:20
Rest a minute
4x150's Choice on 1:20
By the last 4x150's I moved over to my own lane.  The first one I did backstroke, the second one fly, the third one backstroke again and the last one 50 fly / 50 back / 50 fly.

12x25's on 30
1 easy
1 underwater one breath
1 sprint

After that I warmed down just a 50.  It was cold and I just wanted to get my clothes on.  During the main set I came alive and worked them all.  I guess I just had to get past all the warm up crap.  I hate to miss swim tomorrow but if I go I'll have to leave early anyways. 


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