Tuesday Night Swim
Tennis 2.0

Another Day, Another Morning, Another Swim

Ahh...the weekend is almost here and I plan on going away out of town so I won't be swimming for three days in a row.  So after swimming last night I made myself get up at 5:10am so I could swim again this morning.  Normally we have our choice on Wednesday between a somewhat distance free workout or a stroke workout.  I had planned on swimming a distance free workout.  In fact since I knew a lane mate was going to be at the 6am practice I knew that would be possible.  See sometimes I am the only fast lane swimmer at 6am who wants to do the free workout so I end up either swimming at slower intervals lapping people or just swim in the stroke lane  I had planned on switching to the 7:15am workout to jump in the crowded free fast lane but since someone told me last night they'd swim today too I decided to hit the 6am workout.  Too bad the coach had different ideas for workout  We all did a taper workout for IGLA.  IGLA is about a month away, which is way too early to be tapering.  Ugh!  Too soon!  Of course after yesterday of gym, running and swimming it was sorta nice but not really what I needed.

Warmed up a 400 swim.

We then did a Distance Per Stroke (DPS) 100 freestyle.

Warm up set:
damn what was it  I just know I did 2 rounds free and 2 round butterfly.  oh wait it was 150's
50 kick
25 drill
25 swim
25 drill
25 swim

Main Set:
3x75's stroke/free/stroke on 1:30
75 easy free on 1:20
4x25's stroke fast on 45
The intervals were really slow.  My lane was made up of slower swimmers.  I did round one fly, round two backstroke and finished up with round three of breaststroke.  I hate breaststroke

Then we did 4x50's.  Build 1/2 way. the sprint to and away from the wall with an easy free to the wall about the last 1/2.  I did these fly.  They were on a very easy intervals. 

Then we did 3x25's off the blocks sprinting.

A pretty easy workout.  I was tempted to stay in and swim with the 7:15 for a double workout but I didn't. 


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