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Cadillac Battles Speedo LZR

Detroit - Cadillac, a division of General Motors, has jumped into the battle for swimmers money with the new Cadillac Escalade.  The New Escalade SMWR has been approved by FINA for this summers Olympic Open Water Swim Event.  Olympic officials decided to let swimmers use the Escalade after testing the waters of China and realizing the Escalade will actually soak up more pollution than it normally makes.  FINA officials have yet to rule on if it will allow Escalade for pool swimming. source autoblog
In other news...

Swimwear makers Mizuno Corp., Asics Corp. and Descente Ltd. have all presented their new tech swim suits to the Japanese Swimming Federation.  You may recal the JSF requires national team swimmers to wear the domestic companies' products for contractual reasons.  So no Speedo or TYR for them.  Each swimwear maker has a different approach to the tech suits:

Asics has used a polyurethane material for its two new types of suit to squeeze the legs to produce powerful kicks.
Descente, which produces swimwear under the Italian "Arena'' brand, has developed two types of suit based on polyurethane materials after closely analysing the LZR Racer.
Mizuno suit had a new material tightening the swimmer's body, like the LZR Racer, to keep the ideal posture and reduce friction with water.


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