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Coughing, Swimming and Gasping For Air

The headline says it all about this mornings swim practice.  I was coughing, swimming and gasping for air.  After thinking I was over my cold the chlorine somehow allowed my cough to come back.  Damn!  I came to workout already a bit tired and a little worried that I havn't been to a workout in a week.  Yes, I did a lap swim on my own on Wednesday but I took it pretty easy.  Luckily we had two fast lanes so I jumped in the slower of the two.  Every so often during workout I coughed.  Not too much but an annoyance to say the least.  For warmup I took my time getting in the water so I only got in a 200 before we started the warm up set.


Warm Up Set:
2x100 Free on 1:25
2x50's Free on 45
100 Kick on 2:00
8x25's Kick on 30

With little warm up and feeling a bit under the weather I actually held my own during the warm up set.  In fact even with last nights run my kicking was a bit stronger than normal.

Main Set:
4x200 Free on 2:40
75 Drill on 1:20
4x150's on 2:10 (1 - freestyle, 2- 100 free / 50 stroke, 3- 50 free / 100 stroke, 4- all stroke.  (I did backstroke for the stroke as it was choice.  With my coughing I didn't want to even try to do it fly)
75 Drill on 1:20 (did a 25 and took a pee break, came back and waited for the next 60 (top of the clock) to begin the next part)
5x100's IM on 1:45
50 easy

The main set was on way too slow of an intervals for me.  I was getting too much rest.  But considering how I felt I thought the extra rest was important.  It was pretty clear during the 4x200's free that even if I was coughing I was in pretty good shape for the workout today.  Every 200 I was doing under 2:20.  The other fast lane told me I should be swimming with them.  But I really wanted the extra rest in case my cough got worse or I just got tired.  As for my lane, well normally I'd be pissed at them for sitting out a lot of the set like they did but since I decided to go in the slower fast lane it was my choice to swim with them.  I was nearly lapping them anyways. 

Pull Set:
200 Free breathing every 3/5/57 by 50
8x50's on 55 Freestyle 1&5 good technique stretched out, 2/3/6/7 breathing every 5, 4 & 8 breathing 3 down and 1 back.  I was using paddles so this was pretty easy.

Overall it was a good workout.  I felt strong even with all the coughing.  Oh and I still believe that a length of a pool is a lap. 


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